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WSRCAT was launched in October 2007. We are a non-partisan, inter-faith organization, also welcoming to people unaffiliated with any faith tradition. We are working to end all U.S. sponsored torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners. Our work is educational as well as political advocacy in those areas that enhance our human rights.

WSRCAT has sponsored workshops and discussions in congregations, universities, and town halls throughout the State of Washington. We continue to convey the urgency of our mission to our political leaders, especially when President Trump has voiced his support of torture, until these atrocities are abolished forever. We welcome your participation and support.

Action Alert!

UPDATE: Senators Murray and Cantwell Announce Their Opposition To Pompeo

April 23,2018: We are grateful that both of our Senators have announced that they will be voting against the confirmation of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State. We are proud of our Senators, and thank them for their courageous stance. We also thank all of those individuals and groups who have signed our letter and expressed their own moral courage in the face of this great danger.

Opposing Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State

We go on record as opposing the selection of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State.

- Pompeo's repeated Islamaphobic statements make him unsuited to represent the US in global affairs, and his confirmation would be an embarrassment and an insult to those who value religious freedom and diversity. It would also lend support to a growing and dangerous Islamophobic movement within the US.

- Pompeo's frequent belicose statements make it more likely for the US to enter into an unnecessary, deadly, and expensive war. He has voiced his willingness to go to war rather than make peace, to enact a nuclear first-strike against North Korea, and has identified the "war on terror" as a religious war between Islam and Christianity.

- Pompeo's opposition, consistent with the president, to the Iran nuclear deal, and his apparent preference for a military solution moves the US closer to war with Iran. This danger has just been dramatically increased with Trump's appointment of John Bolton as national security advisor.

- His support for torture demonstrates that he does not respect human life, human ritghts, or the rule of law. Pompeo opposes the closing of Guantanamo Bay, and approves of the enhanced interrogation techniques that have been recognized worldwide as the techniques of torture.

Opposing Gina Haspel as New Director of CIA

President Trump's appointment of Gina Haspel as Director of the CIA is extremely distressing to those who oppose torture.

- Ms. Haspel was chief of base at a CIA "Black Site" where torture took place under her direction and participation. No one with a history of participation in torture should lead the CIA. Her confirmation would signal a normalization of torture, perpetuate the falsehood that torture works, and that it was legal and could be made legal agian. This only encourages future human rights abuses in the agency. Some have claimed that Ms. Haspel was "only following orders." We reject this "Nuremberg defense" as immoral and illegal.

- Further, Haspel was instrumental in the destruction of the video tapes which would have provided evidence of the CIA's involvement in torture. This makes Haspel unworthy to serve as head of the CIA, or in any policy-making capacity, as it reveals a blatant disregard for law, transparency, and accountability.

Read Rob Crawford's Op-ed piece in the Seattle Times.

Take Action

We Have received nearly 300 signatures from individual WashingtonianS, and 36 organizations, supporting our OPEN LETTER. We also provide background information for your review.

The letter, with these signatures, was delivered to Senators Cantwell and Murray on April 10. We have urged them to reject these nominations and forcefully speak out against them.

YOU CAN STILL SIGN ON TO OUR OPEN LETTER, as a gesture of support, by emailing us at info@wsrcat.org with:

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A printable .doc file is available HERE.

Supportive organizations will continue to be published on our Open Letter page.

We also urge you to contact our senators directly at:

Senator Patty Murray: 202-224-2621 - Patty Murray's Contact Website
154 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Senator Maria Cantwell: 202-224-3441 - Maria Cantwell's Contact Website
511 Hart Senate Office Bulding
Washington DC 20510

Donations to WSRCAT may be made through our fiscal agent, WWFOR, and mailed to:

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